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What our patients say:

We have had two Patient Satisfaction Surveys and the most recent independent survey found that 88% of respondents would refer a friend or colleague and 90% are extremely satisfied with our friendly reception service and our experienced and highly qualified therapists.

What our patients say:

A back sprain ‘refused’ to get better despite attending another chiropractor for over a year and also I have had severe chronic headaches for more than 20 yrs after sustaining a neck injury during a hysterectomy operation. Much to my relief my back is now back to normal and more robust, coping with exercise, gardening, DIY, etc.

What our patients say:

And miraculously my headaches after YEARS of suffering (I needed 8 paracetamols nearly every day!) have more or less disappeared, through craniosacral/chiropractic therapy, manipulation, acupuncture and exercises. I still get the odd day where I wake up with a slight headache but on those days I only need to take 2 paracetamols and I am fine for the rest of day.

What our patients say:

Jonathan is the go to man for knowledge. What I like about him compared to other people in his profession is he never makes assumptions and when that relates to your health, its great because he is thorough. He helped diagnose a condition in my shoulder that three other practitioners missed which has meant I can now get the right help for a problem that’s been going on for two years.

What our patients say:

Would just like to say a huge thank you for making it possible for me to take part in The Great North Run last Sunday. My time was 2.23 which was brilliant! considering I was in so much pain just walking when I first came to you back in June! I lived with sciatica and lower back pain for years! With all your help I now enjoy running again!

What our patients say:

“I have been seeing Jonathan for years when I had backproblems when I had small children and more recently for running injuries. I would have no hesitation at all to recommend him for his calm, reassuring manner and his always professional manner. Husband and eldest son are also regular’s to Jonathan’s practice now…”

At the Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Milton Keynes we specialise in treatments for the following conditions:

  • Acute, subacute and chronic lower back pain
  • Migraine and Cervicogenic Headache
  • Cervicogenic dizziness
  • Acute/ subacute Neck pain
  • Heel Pain: Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica nerve pain

These conditions have been proven to benefit from Chiropractic spinal manipulation and mobilisations:

The conclusions of this research (Bronfort et al., 2010) were based on the results of systematic reviews of randomised clinical trials, widely accepted US and UK guidelines

We are located in a beautiful village, in Simpson (in the heart of the city of Milton Keynes near the A5 and the Open University).

We have a “SPECIAL OFFER” available now:
CONSULTATION AND TREATMENT ONLY £ 50.- normal treatment £ 45.-

NEW: We are now pleased to offer Same Day & Walk-Ins
(NB: only applies to Acupuncture Monday-Friday 9:15am – 4:00pm)

Experience quick and natural Pain Relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Cranial Manipulation and Sports Massages.

We offer other specialist treatments such as Chinese Herbal Medicine, Sports Injury treatments and Cranial Therapy (both Craniosacral Therapy and Sacro Occipital Technique)

This can be soothing for a number of conditions including Headaches, Neck- and shoulder pain, Back pain, Knee pain, Elbow, Foot and hand pain.


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