10 Chiropractic Pain Relief Myths

10 Questions about Chiropractic Pain Relief

#1. Not Many People Go To See A Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief:

Chiropractic is the third largest PRIMARY health care profession in the western world next to Medicine and Dentistry. This means that you can directly go to a Chiropractor without first going to the GP. Chiropractic undergraduate training is extremely thorough so they trained to evaluate and examine and refer to a specialist or for x-rays or scans or back to their GP.

#2. Chiropractic Doctors Are Not Real Doctors:

Doctors of Chiropractic and Doctors of Medicine take the same class load with some exceptions. Residencies are required by both degrees. These entail the student successfully completing several hundred clinical hours of “real” patient management in a clinical setting under professional supervision. This is different from other practitioners providing manual therapy. Most Chiropractic colleges require students to partake in a clinical externship program which places them in actual chiropractic clinics. All Chiropractors in the UK have to be legally registered with the UK governing body the GCC. Continuing education is then required to maintain a high level of competency and to stay up to date on the latest research and techniques.

A medical orthopaedic consultant said this:”Chiropractic and Medical Degrees are more similar than dissimilar”.

#3. Chiropractors Only Treat Back Pain:

Back pain is what Chiropractors are known for, but the root of Chiropractic is much deeper than that. Chiropractors affect your spinal column, which in turn affects your nerves and tissues. This allows us to help your body heal itself so you can develop Wellness from Within. Recent research by Dr Heidi Haavik (A chiropractor and Phd Scientist) has proven that chiropractic changes the way our brain works. The same is true for acupuncture as well. Some of the non soft tissue conditions we may be able to help treat are: migraine headaches, ear infections, colic, ADD, sinus issues, common cold, dysmenorrhea (painful menses), ulcers and bowel complications, just to list a few. Some chiropractors specifically specialise in using alternative methods such as acupuncture and cranial manipulation which gives them skills to add onto their chiropractic treatment.

#4. Spinal Adjustments Always Hurt:

People usually feel instant relief after a spinal adjustment. Patients tend to get off the table feeling more relaxed, higher energy, out of discomfort/pain . Patients that are in an acute pain level sometimes experience pain during the actual adjustment because any movement during the acute phase causes them pain, but after the treatment they usually feel relief and a decrease in the pain level. At the  Advanced Pain Relief Clinic MK it is our aim to cause as little pain and discomfort as possible. We recommend icing, hot and cold and stretching following your treatment.

#5. Spinal Adjustments Are Really Dangerous:

Chiropractic adjustments are safe when performed by a Doctor of Chiropractic, but can be dangerous when performed by another healthcare professional that is less well-trained in the area of expertise. It has been shown that Chiropractic adjustments are among the safest and most effective ways to treat back and neck pain. It is openly acknowleged that and researched that conservative spinal manipulations should be pursued in most cases before considering drug and/or surgical intervention. The result of injury following a chiropractic treatment is less than 0.01% according to medical studies. This compares with a much higher risk of invasive procedures involving injections, medications, and surgeries. Some people fear they will have a stroke if their neck is adjusted; the truth is there is no scientific evidence to show an increase risk of any serious event following a chiropractic adjustment. There are some who suggest that the chance of having a stroke after a spinal manipulation is about 1 in 1,000,000 other figures suggest 1:3,000,000. There is, however, no doubt that a drug like ibuprofen has serious side-effects mainly stomach bleeding. If you suffer from stomach ulcers or also Asthma ibuprofen will have to be avoided at all costs as it could cause harm. This number has never been scientifically proven it is only estimated, but it shows that you have a better chance of being struck by lightening, being killed on a bicycle and dying from taking aspirin then by being seriously injured by chiropractic care. In fact, It is more likely that you will have a stroke from leaning your head backwards whilst going to a hairdresser than from an adjustment.

#6. Cracking your Knuckles will give you Arthritis:

There was a study done to see if there was a correlation between developing osteoarthrits and cracking knuckles on their hands. The participants included 15 people who cracked their knuckles and 13 who did not crack their knuckles. Of the 15 that did crack their knuckles only 1 showed arthritic changes. On the contrary, 5 of the 13 who did not crack their knuckles showed that they had arthritic changes in their hands. This shows that joints receive a therapeutic effect from an adjustment. This is because the movement of the joint back into place allows the joint itself to get nourishment from the exchange of gases. It also allows the fluid and gases of the joint capsule to move and not stay stagnant, which also helps decrease the arthritic formation. Osteoarthritis is more than likely to be a result of not moving the joint enough than having it adjusted.

This is what a recent newsletter by the Harvard Medical school mentioned about cracking your knuckles: 

Cracking your knuckles may aggravate the people around you, but it probably won’t raise your risk for arthritis. That’s the conclusion of several studies that compared rates of hand arthritis among habitual knuckle-crackers and people who didn’t crack their knuckles.

The “pop” of a cracked knuckle is caused by bubbles bursting in the synovial fluid — the fluid that helps lubricate joints. The bubbles pop when you pull the bones apart, either by stretching the fingers or bending them backward, creating negative pressure. One study’s authors compared the sudden, vibratory energy produced during knuckle cracking to “the forces responsible for the destruction of hydraulic blades and ship propellers.”

Even if knuckle cracking doesn’t cause arthritis, there’s still good reason to let go of the habit. Chronic knuckle-cracking may lead to reduced grip strength. And there are at least two published reports of injuries suffered while people were trying to crack their knuckles.


10 Questions about Chiropractic Pain Relief

#7. Chiropractors Just Crack Your Bones:

At the Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Milton Keynes you have several options that do not include manipulations that cause audible releases such as Activator technique, massage, mobilisations, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy, etc. A chiropractic adjustment is focused on mobilizing a specific joint that is fixated or subluxated and the aim is to restore normal function. This fixation affects your whole body through negatively affecting other joints, as well as, internal organs. The audible sound, which is sometimes heard during the adjustment, is the sound of Oxygen, Nitrogen and CO2 being released due to the opening of the joint space.

#8. Chiropractic Care Is Only For Certain People:

Chiropractic and Acupuncture care is safe for Pregnant Adults, children of all ages, including babies. At the Advanced Pain Relief Clinic in Milton Keynes we have literally seen all ages from the very young (a few days old) to the very elderly (in the 90’s). Both Chiropractic and acupuncture can be very effective in Pregnancy because it helps gently re-align the Body and Pelvis and our practitioners are specialised in Pregnancy care as well as giving you the right advice at the right time. Our acupuncture practitioner Simin Wei has two children and has helped many women with fertility and pregnancy related conditions. Childhood is the stage in life where you are growing, learning, exploring and playing so the musculoskeletal system is under a lot of stress. OSHA estimates that a child sustains 1,500 spinal related traumas before the age of 5. Jonathan Grendelmeier has specialised in paediatric care and craniosacral therapy since 2004 and through the birth of both of his children.

#9. Chiropractic Care Is Expensive:

At the APRCMK our prices are £ 50.00 for the initial consultation and £ 45.00 for follow-up visits. We also offer a discount for students ( £ 37.00) and children. We are happy to discuss any corporate rates if you work in HR and would like to arrange your staff visiting our clinic. Please contact for further details. Most insurance companies have Chiropractic coverage.

We cover most insurances apart from BUPA. In case you ring the insurance and you get told that they will only cover physiotherapy please let us know. We have had instances when patients have gone back to the insurance provider and insisted on seeing us and then managed to get the sessions that they are allowed to under their insurance scheme. We have registered with all insurances apart from BUPA. We have a separate agreement with AXA PPP. We would ask you to pay and claim back and we will email you the receipt so this can be done. Insurances such as Vitality UK are turning to more cost-effective, preventative measures to help their clients stay healthy and prevent complications and serious health issues later in life. Most Chiropractors also offer a cash-based price for those patients that do not have insurance or do not have insurance coverage for chiropractic care. This is usually at an affordable cost so that you can keep yourself and your family healthy.

#10. You Will Have To Continue Chiropractic Care For The Rest Of Your Life:

At our clinic, we provide Pain Relief care. We want to offer your conservative and effective care and practise ethically. We do not tie you into any lengthy treatment contract as we do not believe that that is an ethical approach to chiropractic or acupuncture practice. Often though, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists promote preventative care to help their patients avoid pain, disease and sickness in their patients. This is called Maintenance or “spinal MOT”. This is why we often but not always recommend patients to return for checkups. This is equivalent to a dentist recommending checkups to help their patients prevent cavities and gum disease. If you suffer from chronic or recurrent back pain then a recent study has proven that Maintenance care is the right option for you the Norden study in 2018 looked at over 2000 patients and came to the conclusion that MC was more effective then symptomatic care https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0203029

Maintenance care is the preventative approach in health care has been gaining large support in the medical community and with insurance, because it has been proven to be cost and health effects in the long term. Chiropractic and Acupuncture checkups are safe, convenient, quick and natural and prevent complicated problems in the future. Many patients see changes in their energy, immune system function, sleep patterns and general well being with chiropractic and acupuncture. In the end, though, it is always is your choice how often you see your Chiropractor.

“Chiropractic adds years to your life and life to your years!”

I hope this answered any questions about Chiropractic you might have. If there are any questions or concerns that I have not addressed of yours please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help assist you in achieving “Wellness from Within” through Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Craniosacral Therapy, Exercise advice, Dietary and Lifestyle.

10 Questions about Chiropractic Pain Relief

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