Ankle Pain

Sports Chiropractors will often see ankle pains from inversion or eversion injuries sustained in falls or tackles.
Often there is a history of “rolling” onto the side of the ankle and in more severe cases there will be a sense of popping or tearing as well. Crucial points will be did you feel or visibly see your ankle swell up straight away and have are you able to weight-bear without limping. Is the pain over the ankle bone or is it at the back where the heel and achilles tendon insertion are.

There are certain rules that will determine if an x-ray is needed but the vast majority of the patients that I treat do not need any x-ray. It is my opinion that a MSK Ultrasound is one of the best imaging modalities to rule out any tendon tears and if you ring the clinic we can arrange for this.

The management for acute injuries is to use PRICE (protect, rest, compress, elevate) and start using exercises only when PAIN FREE. Chiropractic manipulation and sports massage can be extremely useful to resolve symptoms and improve the range of movement.

The management varies according to the injury and it is not unusual for me to see chronic long-standing ankle injuries that improve well with my treatment. Ankle strengthening exercises as well as wobble board exercises may be indicated as well as doing a thorough biomechanical assessment of the foot and ankle joint to see if there is a need for orthotics or foot arch strengthening exercises.

At the Advanced Pain Relief clinic in Milton Keynes we specialise in Sports injuries such as acute ankle pain and we will get you back to your sport or daily activities as soon as we can do this safely.
Ankle Pain

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