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Milton Keynes Chiropractor common questions and answers.

What is Chiropractic what is the difference between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy?

Most UK Chiropractors that are registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) do a full-time university degree. The degree level they achieve is either BSc(Hons) level or MSc level depending on the length and type of course. Chiropractors specialise in spinal manipulation but are well-versed with other techniques such as: joint mobilisation, soft-tissue work, rehabilitation exercises, orthopaedics, neurology, general diagnosis, radiology and radiography.

They are primary contact practitioners so you may visit a chiropractor without having been referred by your GP. There is a need for chiropractic care as part of the NHS but unfortunately this is not offered UK wide. Chiropractors are primary contact practitioners this means that they have to be thorougly educated and assessed in general diagnosis, treatment and overall management of any joint or ligament conditions but particularly to any spinal joint condition that may be causing backpain.

Most physiotherapists in the UK are trained to work in a hospital related environment in cardiac or lung wards rather than working in private practice. Their techniques that will often complement chiropractic care really well. Their education is generally a 3 year full-time BSc(Hons) but many physios working in private practice undergo additional post-graduate training so that they can improve manipulation skills.

What is the difference between Osteopathy and Chiropractic?

Osteopaths undergo a rigorous education in spinal evaluation and manipulation and are primary contact practitioners as are Chiropractors. The origins of Chiropractic and Osteopathy is different though. Some patients feel that Osteopathy is gentler than Chiropractic and vice versa. It really is practitioner dependent as to the care the patient receives and if this care suits them.

A major difference between Osteopaths and Chiropractors is that they are not trained in Radiography and only in basic Radiology both essential subjects in essential in Chiropractic degree courses.

What happens at my first visit to a chiropractic clinic?

When you come for chiropractic or acupuncture treatment at the Caldecotte Lake Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinic in Milton Keynes you undergo a thorough history and examination that pertains to your specific problem. The vast majority of patients receive an explanation for their pain which many had not had in their previous consultation for their backpain, neckpain or migraine headache. The chiropractic treatment that you receive at the Caldecotte Clinic in Milton Keynes is done by an experienced chiropractor (12 years experience in a busy local sports injury and orthopaedic clinic).

There is an emphasis on safe and gentle and specific spinal and extremity manipulation. At the Caldecotte Lake clinic in Milton Keynes you can further have benefit of having adjustments to your cranium (head) and acupuncture. Craniosacral therapy and cranial manipulation is a very gentle modality that can be used effectively for pregnancy and to treat small infants and babies.

Chiropractors are one of the largest healthcare professions and use other techniques such as lifestlyle, nutrition, ice, heat, exercise and posture advice as well as car and ergonomic advice. They have been educated to degree standards and can use the title Doctor of Chiropractic if they have studied at a an accredited college. The two colleges that offer full-time education in the UK are the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

Working as a chiropractor and acupuncturist in Milton Keynes I often have people visit for the treatment of Backpain and neckpain and headaches but then get asked about a variety of different conditions that people want help with (see Acupuncture Q&A section on website. Having undergone a very broad based education and kept a keen interest in learning and being up-to-date is often useful in these situations.

Chiropractic Q&A

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