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Jonathan Grendelmeier DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Jonathan grew up in Switzerland and enjoyed a highly successful career in financial services and during his military service he was promoted to corporal and was responsible for training infantry recruits in basic combat as well as first aid. As a teenager he witnessed his Family being treated successfully with chiropractic. This inspired him to study chiropractic and help people who are suffering from backpain. He decided to study chiropractic in the UK as it was the leading European chiropractic institution at the time.
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He graduated from the AECC University College in 2000 with a prize-winning thesis investigating the patient’s experience with chiropractic treatment and exercise adherence. In 2001 he registered with the General Chiropractic council (GCC) and started working at the Blackberry Orthopaedic clinic, a local Orthopaedic and Sports Injury clinic where he worked for 10 years in a senior position. In 2001 he took a course in Medical Acupuncture and started getting outstanding results with acupuncture on its own or blending it with chiropractic. Meet the Doctors
Since then he studied both medical and traditional acupuncture at the University of Coventry, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and at the Post-Graduate Medical University of Hertfordshire and has completed a PG Diploma in Western Medical Acupuncture. He has lectured on Western Medical Acpuncture to physiotherapists, osteopaths and podiatrists aswell as at the Open University. He has given talks on Cranial Paediatric treatment to interested fellow practitioners. Jonathan has been studying Sacro-occipital technique (a cranial or craniosacral technique) since 2002. He has taken Craniosacral therapy courses both in the UK and in Germany and has a special interest in treating children, pregnancy, sinuspain and headaches with gentle cranial manipulation. He has since treated a large number of chronic headache cases and enjoys many referrals. He lives in Milton Keynes with his young children and enjoys trail running and spending time with his family. He was a parent and associate Govenor at St.Thomas Aquinas RC Primary School from 2011-2019. He has completed various Ultramarathons. He volunteered at the Olympic Games for London in 2012. He has an interest in various sports and volunteered as an Umpire with Badminton England in 2013 and worked with top level table tennis players in Milton Keynes and as part of his international chiropractic sports diploma qualification (ICSSD).

Simin Wei TCM Acupuncturist and Herbalist

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I’m a mother of two, caring for my family and very passionate about Chinese Medicine. I also enjoy cooking, gardening and Sports and spending time with my family. I was raised and educated in China and have been working in the Medical Field for over 20 years.  I gained a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and worked at Luzhou Medical School. I then continued my education at the HUAXI Medical University in the Sichuan Province.
I worked for several hospital units such as Neurosurgery, GI unit, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, High Nutrition Unit, and the Kidney Transplantation Unit at a Medical Teaching hospital. Following this, I was promoted to teach nurses clinical sciences as well as teaching junior doctors injection and venepuncture. I helped with a lot of medical research projects that were done at my hospital but also participated in research in Traditional Chinese herbs and its application. After arriving in England, I worked at the Gastro-Intestinal unit, ENT as well as at the ICU in St. Mary’s hospital (now Imperial College Medical school) in London. After seeing many of my patients with chronic conditions that were not improving I wanted to find an alternative approach to the Western approach of medication and injections that would have fewer side-effects and was more natural. For this reason, I wanted to study Chinese Medicine approach to help patients. I studied Acupuncture and Herbs for another 3 years in the UK as well as clinical observations in China. I am continually updating my existing knowledge both in the UK and travelling abroad. I studied HuangDiNeiJing( Yellow Empire), ZhengjiuDaCheng, BenChaoGangMu, I try to combine Classical Chinese Medicine concepts and applications with  Modern Western Medicine. I practice in TCM Acupuncture and herbs in Milton Keynes at the Advanced Pain Relief clinic and treat various health conditions.  I engage in disease prevention. Acupuncture can help Pain syndromes as well as internal diseases. I also have successfully helped couples for fertility issues and IVF accompanying acupuncture. I have received medical consultants’ referrals for Back pain and  Headaches treatments. I’m  also a member of British Fertility Society. SIMIN WEI RGN, MAcS, BSc, MBFS Degree Level TCM MED AND ACU DIPLOMA ORTHOPAEDIC ACU DIPLOMA SPINE ACU DIPLOMA COSMETIC ACU AND AURICULAR ACU DIPLOMA ADVANCED NEEDLING THERAPY CERTIFICATE OF AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE FOR DRUG, ALCOHOL, STRESS MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE OF COSMETIC AND FACIAL GUASHA AND CUPPING

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Part of Trackside Medical Masters Team at International Athletics Event in Derby June 2012.