Neck Disc Pain

Have you got severe neckpain that is radiating into the arm?
A recent Swiss study (2013) looked at 50 patients that had spinal manipulation for neckpain and moderate to severe arm pain. All patients had an MRI confirmed cervical disc herniation received chiropractic high-velocity thrust manipulations. All patients received a course of treatments and two weeks after the first treatment 55.3% of all patients has significantly improved and no one was reporting any symptomatic worsening. It is important to note that this is a single-case trial and not a Systematic review which is considered the gold-standard for evidence-based medicine.

After one month of the first treatment a total of 68.9 % improved with only one patient reporting being slightly worse.

By three months this figure improved to 85.7% reported a significant improvement.

At the Simpson Pain Relief clinic you can benefit from an expert assessment and chiropractic manipulation as well as benefitting from being given postural and exercise advice.

Our experience is that many patients with severe neck or shoulderpain can get significant improvement of their neck and arm symptoms with expert treatment and advice.
Neck Disc Pain

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